FRANK SEDGMAN, Australia's oldest living tennis champion, has just launched his biography at the age of 87 - so it's about time his story is fully told... And that's what happened on his birthday, October 29, when his biography, GAME SEDGE & MATCH, was launched at Melbourne's historic Kooyong Tennis Club, where he learned the game.

In 1952 Frank won the 3 Wimbledon championship titles of Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles in the one year. A feat that hasn't been repeated since.

Remarkably, it is the first book ever written about a man who was an absolute world-beater in his day, and who is acknowledged as having inspired the Australian dynasty that ruled the game throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies.

He took just five years to win 22 major titles in singles, doubles and mixed doubles, including Wimbledon and two American and two Australian championships, as well as proving virtually unbeatable in the Davis Cup.

But the author, award-winning sportswriter Ron Reed, has discovered much more to the Sedgman story than tennis titles, including:

  • An enduring love story that has now stretched into its seventh decade.
  • The little-known tale of how he and his wife Jean turned a talented but naive country girl named Margaret Smith into not only history's most successful female player but a woman of the world, sport's version of My Fair Lady.
  • The disgraceful treatment he received at the hands of the crusty Australian tennis Establishment when he had the temerity to cash in on his talent by turning pro at the peak of his powers.
  • His trenchant views on the legendary coach who got him started, Harry Hopman, and his surprising choice as the best player he has seen in a long lifetime of observing the game at the closest possible quarters.


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